Buy the Right Size of Shoes for Your Child

Buying the right athletic shoe that fits your child’s feet perfectly is very important. The kid’s feet are still growing and putting on shoes that hinder in the growth can lead to problems. Kids shoes a size a bit too small worn for a long period of time can lead to foot deformity like bunions, corns, calluses, ingrown toe nails etc.

How To Buy The Right Size Shoes For Your Child:

Although it is very important that the shoe be of the right size, it is very difficult to know if the size is actually right. Small kids might not convey clearly how the shoe feels on their feet.

There are, however, certain things that you can keep in mind that will help you select the right size:

  • Feet tend to be at their largest at the end of the day. So, shop for your child’s athletic shoes during that time.
  • Make the child stand up with their full weight on the feet while measuring the feet size.
  • While trying on different shoe sizes, make the child wear the shoes with the kind of socks they plan to wear with the shoe later on.
  • There must be at least half an inch extra space in the shoe from where the big toe ends. This will give enough space to wriggle toes.
  • The heel should fit properly otherwise, it can lead to blisters.
  • Lace the shoe properly while trying to get the real feel.
  • Make the child walk around a little with the new pair in the store itself. Take off the shoes and check for any redness or irritation on the feet.
  • The best fit-shoes should give an immediate comfort feel.

Young children are not in a position to understand and tell clearly how a new shoe feels on their feet. It is therefore important that you check the entire shoe carefully and listen to what the child is trying to say to understand if the kids shoes are the right size or not.

And a bonus – learn how to tie shoes!

Writen by Jeffrey Murphy